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July 10, 2005

Some Tips

The Christian Arts Festival was a smashing success. A feast for the senses. Some of the graphic art was marvelous, but the highlight of the show, as last year, was Stephanie Powell's In the Spirit Dance Ministry. If your church is interested in dance as a form of worship (and if you're on the U.S. east coast) you may want to contact Stephanie. She and her incredible troupe are willing to travel. They will draw a wow from you, I promise.


Bluefish Project provides links to C. J. Mahaney's talks at the New Frontiers Leadership Conference. I haven't read these yet, but you know they'll be worthwhile. New Frontiers sure seems like a fine organization.


Some Thoughts links to a PBS Interview with D. A. Carson concerning the emergent church.


Shizuka Blog on forgiveness.


Kieth of Under the Acacias provides the most "on target" response I've yet seen to the recent assault on London. I will simply quote it in full:

Lord, have mercy.
Comfort those who mourn.
Strengthen those who serve.
Protect the innocent.
Establish justice.
Keep our hearts from bitterness,
And help us to do what is right.


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