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May 14, 2005

Weekend Plans

I'm not really a liturgical-type guy anymore, but I do think that Pentecost Sunday (which is tomorrow) ought to be a more significant event in the Christian year. It ought to rival Christmas as a significant day in Christian culture, with its own special forms and traditions. I kind of like Graham Power's idea of commemorating it as a Global Day of Prayer for the nations. Tomorrow morning, throughout the world, believers will greet the dawn with prayer for the nations, so that a chorus of prayer will sweep around the world with the sunrise. It is worldwide corporate prayer for all the tribes of the earth. Count me in.

This will also be a weekend of celebration for us. Special friend Meghan will be graduating from art school tomorrow, so there will be "a party goin' on 'round here." [Oh my, hyper-creative types in a spirit of celebration--expect the unexpected!] Meanwhile, another friend is graduating from nursing school today, so we'll be heading over to her house for a cookout--and not many things in this world are better than a cookout! Yippee!


Blogger Moses in the wilderness said...


A worldwide corporate prayer. Count me in too. I will wake up before dawn and join in with prayer for the the world.

God Bless,


9:15 PM  
Blogger Kim said...

I agree with you on the Pentecost thing. If we're willing to recognize Mother's Day in church, why not Pentecost?

7:55 AM  

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