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May 23, 2005

A Silly Love Letter

Sometimes, usually, I go into a week with a blogging-plan of sorts. Not a watertight plan, not a strict blueprint or scheme, but a rough idea of what I'm going to be posting here through the week. This week, though, I've got no plans, no ambitions, no goals. I think I'm just going to follow the lead of good Milton at Tranforming Sermons, who often just "hat tips" the websites and blogs that have grabbed his attention from day to day.

Okay, so then I do have a plan. This week (or until further notice) the name of the game is, "Hey guys, look what I just found!" I'm going to pass them on as I find them and hope someone somewhere receives a blessing.


Hey guys, look what I just found! It's a love-letter to God! It just sort of washed up on my little Internet beach! Do you remember Paul McCartney's '70s hit, Silly Love Songs? Well, here's another Paul, this one a blogger at Panda's Ponderings, who has written a self-confessed silly love letter to God. Here's a brief taste:

First of all, I often feel very uncomfortable and out of balance because of You. I know You love me whatever I do or say, but how can I do something in return for what You’ve done for me? It feels like going to the love of your life without buying a nice present first. It also feels like being a vulnerable child all over again – like a kid that has made a nice colourful drawing or a sweet little poem – in a very childish way, of course. ‘Look, father, this one is for you. I hope you like it!’
Paul is Dutch, and English is not his first language. No matter. He expresses his love in rare and beautiful eloquence. Go see for yourselves, and I'm sure you'll agree.


Blogger Julianne said...

Hi Bob,

Found your site from Aron @ Some Thoughts. Good posts. McCartney's hard to beat, but that is a great love song to God.



7:18 PM  
Blogger Milton Stanley said...

Beautiful eloquence, indeed. I understand the idea of God's making us feel "out of balance," because there's simply nothing else like it. Peace.

7:52 PM  
Blogger 8709 said...

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