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May 09, 2005


J. A. Gilmartin at Sheep's Crib is focusing attention on the Darfur situation. So is John at Blogotional, Brad at 21st Century Reformation, and Steven at two and two makes five. Also, Kieth at Under the Acacias. Then there's Catez at Allthings2all. She has summoned all concerned bloggers to write about the Sudanese crisis:

I am inviting submissions for The Darfur Collection, which is open to ALL bloggers, and which may be on any aspect of the Darfur situation. For example, the posts may be on the genocide, the refugee camps, the current food situation, the UN's role, the minimal international response, ways to help, your opinion, and so on. You may find eye-witness accounts which you wish to post and/or comment on.
The deadline is midnight (EST), May 15.


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