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"Nothing taken for granted; everything received with gratitude; everything passed on with grace." G. K. Chesterton

April 28, 2005


1) Walter Brueggerman's Easter prayer (found at Paradoxology).

2)Not Quite Art, Not Quite Living writes provocatively about the provocative nature of the Gospel message. Something to think about. (HT: Cerulean Sanctum).

2a) and James K. A. Smith writes about the very same thing in an article entitled, Christian Worship as Public Disturbance.

3) Another book to add to my digital to-read list: A Theology of Reading: The Hermeneutics of Love, by Alan Jacobs

4) The creed of the Christian Reformed Church, called Our World Belongs to God. This is a creedal statement that glows with passion. Wonderful!

5) Ryan Spencer Reed is a photojournalist. He has documented the reality of life in the Sudan today. Go to his website, by all means. But be warned. These are not easy pictures to look at. Also, read his personal narrative here.

6 ~ 9) Newcomers to the blogroll: Wittingshire, Semicolon, The Spirit Formed Life, and The Window in the Garden Wall (a C. S. Lewis blog).

10) Well said: "There is always going to be a child who will fish a book out of the garbage heap." Joseph Brodsky (HT: Gary Hyland)


Blogger John said...

Great post Bob! Linked it at Scotwise.


7:29 PM  
Blogger Dan Edelen said...


Thanks for the hat tip credit. Conrad did a great job on both posts, didn't he?

11:04 AM  

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