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April 15, 2005

A Question of Light

My post entitled Christian, You Are the Light of the World prompted interesting responses both from Brad at 21st Century Reformation and Milton at Transforming Sermons.

Now, although I'm content with most of what I said in my post, Brad's response has caused me to wonder if I have not inadvertently misused Matthew 5:14. There is just no doubt that Jesus is speaking of behavior ("good deeds"), not words. What I have written about the importance of a sincere confession as the starting place of Christian living is not, it still seems to me, untrue. It's just not the point Jesus was making.

So, I think what I'm going to do is go back to the drawing board. I'm going to reconsider just what I want to say about what it means to be "the light of the world," and rewrite the piece entirely. Meanwhile, because I do stand by the essential points of the original post, I'm going to incorporate them into a new post, one that does not rest its case on Matthew 5:14.

I want to thank both Brad and Milton for their helpful interaction here. Re-thinking and re-writing are a valuable part of the blogging-process, and your comments have helped to stimulate that process for me. More later.


Blogger Milton Stanley said...

Glad to be part of the process, Bob. Happy re-thinking!

11:14 AM  
Blogger passthebread said...

WOW..that is so what blogging is about. Positive discussion. Great display of Christian virtue. Maybe a place to start is the "confess before men" passages. Also, the idea of "how to be a better confessor" is a long standing reformed idea. By confessor, they mean both word and deed. Also, i think your idea is that one of the greatest gifts we possess and needs to be honored "the pearl" is our faith and our confession. All good.
God Bless,

11:46 AM  

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