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April 22, 2005


Who is talking about the cross of Christ? Who is blogging about it? Who is meditating on the cross, wondering about the cross, imagining its reality not simply as a fact of history (although it is certainly that), over and done with, but as a reality that invades the present moment? These are the questions I ask as I scan the blogosphere in search of nominees for the Gospel Blogger Award? Where is the blogger for whom the cross of Christ is, as the apostle Paul says, "all in all"?

That would be the ideal GBA candidate. Broadly speaking, it's a post that names the Name, a post that recognizes from Whom our blessings flow. In my thoroughly un-exhaustive search for candidates I have discovered two outstanding examples. One of them is apologetic in approach, while the other is a meditation or testimony.

First off, the apologist. I nominated the highly esteemed Brad Hightower of 21st Century Refomration. The post is entitled Our Identification with the Resurrection of Christ and Our Sense of Ourselves. I like the way Brad emphasizes personal identity here. Who are we in Christ? This has been an issue close to my own heart lately. It's hard to select a brief passage to quote, there are so many to choose, but here's a powerful excerpt:

To follow after Christ and enter into His life through our identification with His cross and resurrection is to "take up our cross". We are called to display this moral distinction in our ability to love and love while we suffer. This love while suffering is what is impossible in the flesh. Love of friends and fellow-thieves is easy. Even Mafioso's and gangsters do the same. But love of those who get in the way of our quest for personal power and success, this type of love is a daily battle.
But it will not do to simply read this quote and move on. Stop where you are and read the whole thing!

The other nominee is, as I mentioned, more in the personal testimony or meditation style. It is the work of one of my favorite bloggers, Ragamuffin Diva. Why do I love Ragamuffin? Precisely because there is a personal and heartfelt quality to her writing that I value highly. Diva's post is entitled Kyrie Eleison, which of course means "Lord, have mercy." Diva says,

Let me tell you something wondrous about the word mercy as it's used here. Mercy is the English translation of the Greek word eleos. The root word is the old Greek word for oil--olive oil. Way back in the day, and even now, pumpkin, olive oil was used as a soothing agent for bruises and minor wounds. We are all wounded dear one. Mercy is the warm balm that God gently, lovingly massages into our hurting places. As he soothes us, He makes us stronger, and ultimately whole.
That's simply awesome, which is why Ragamuffin Diva is the newest recipient of the Gospel Blogger Award. She's pouring out the oil over there at her blog. Go and get some right now!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you so much, Bob. I appreciate your grace.

1:14 PM  
Blogger sabbath day's journey said...

Thanks for this post, Bob. I'll go visit her now!

7:15 PM  
Blogger violet said...

Bob, you can't go wrong with Ragamuffin. Good choice!

10:11 PM  

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