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March 05, 2005

Saturday Hat-tips

Thanks to Rebecca Writes for sharing the best link ever. As you might have guessed, it's a sort of Biblical studies reference shelf. Lots and lots of good stuff.

Stones Cry Out contributed a thoughtful post called Evangelical First Things, answering the question, "What should we be able to expect of evangelical Christian in the public arena?" I like his dodecalogue very much.

How about this from Ragamuffin's Ramblings . . . a retelling of the story of our Lord's encounter with the Samaritan woman at the well, only in this version she's a gay muslim man in Chicago. (Hat-tip: Hootsbuddy).

Over at The Irvins you can find a really exceptional series on the names of God. This is a wonderful example of theology-blogging, IMHO. Best of all, perhaps, was the last post in the series, a sort of litany of God's names. Beautiful!

Being touted by various bloggers, including Jordon Cooper, is Christianity Today's interview with Eugene Peterson. This man is so into cutting through the spiritual BS. Makes me want to read his new book.

Finally, TallSkinnyKiwi has just finished his "blogfast." Anyone who has blogged for even a little while has probably experienced the tendency to over-indulge, to obssess. Yes, the blogfast just might be a useful new spiritual discipline. Good idea, that. But not just yet . . .


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