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"Nothing taken for granted; everything received with gratitude; everything passed on with grace." G. K. Chesterton

February 18, 2005

New Christian Blogger Showcase

Nick Queen at Patriot Paradox has begun a new "carnival," this one dedicated to the discovery and promotion of new Christian bloggers. He calls it the New Christian Blogger Showcase. The inaugural edition features three such whippersnappers: A Nutt's View, A Circle of Quiet, and Reed's Blogged Arteries. Pay a visit, and drop a word of encouragement, to one or more of these fine blogs.

It is A Circle of Quiet that I'm most intrigued by. This blogger likes poetry, but has a problem with William's Carlos William's famous red wheel barrow in the rain. Hey, Circle, didn't you ever look at something homely and ordinary, something that until then you'd always managed to overlook, and suddenly you recognized its beauty, and even had the feeling that this simple thing was not only beautiful but important? I mean, that's the essense of the art of someone like Andrew Wyeth (scroll to bottom picture), after all. It might almost seem, at that moment of recognition, that everything depends on this homely thing. Sure, that's an exageration. Poet's exagerate. The world will go on whether we stop to notice or not. Whether, in fact, the object of our perception had ever existed or not. And yet, yes, there is something important going on when we simply look. When we simply perceive! I'm quite convinced that much does indeed depend on this. So give William Carlos another opportunity to tell you once more about the red wheel barrow and the chickens in the rain.


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