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February 25, 2005

More on the Gospel Blogger Award

I've decided to wait another week before announcing Mr. Standfast's the winner of the next Gospel Blogger Award. The GBA is my way of acknowledging the most Christ-centered post I've come across in the past week. Since I've thrown the nominating process open to all, I should probably explain that my personal preference is toward a post that expressly states the eternal benefits of the Cross of Christ. You see, I am hungry for this. I am hungry to see bloggers demonstrating to the world the relevance of the Cross. And I'm hungry for plain-speaking on this issue. So I'm looking for posts that are explicit about the atoning work of the Cross, which to my mind is the very heart of the Good News.

I am not saying of course that every post should be about the Cross and nothing but the Cross. But I am reacting to a dearth, which reflects perhaps a similar dearth in our churches. The Cross has become peripheral. Just another doctrine. Mentioned "in season," perhaps, and then only in passing. I am looking for a post that forthrightly demonstrates the relevance of the Cross in our time. That answers the cynic's question, "But what does all that matter?"

Well, since I threw open the nominating process only two days ago, and since I've only just now stated clearly what I'm actually looking for, it seems right to hold off on the next award until more nominations come in. Many thanks to friend Milton Stanley of Transforming Sermons for his nomination. I look forward to droves and droves more!


Blogger Donna said...

Ok, Bob, I'll be keeping my eyes peeled 8-)

9:34 AM  

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