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February 18, 2005

Gospel Blogger Award #5

Time again for Mr. Standfast's Gospel Blogger Award #5, awarded to the blogpost that best exemplifies the Gospel of Christ. What, you may well ask, do you mean by "the Gospel"? A good question. One that I may answer in depth someday. But for now let me just say, the winning post should be a cross-centesred post, for the cross is truly the essense of the Gospel.

So, after a "thoroughly un-exhaustive" search, this week's winner is Rusty Peterman of Believer Blog. Rusty happens also to be the first repeat-winner, making him a veritable Barry Bonds of Christian bloggers (but definitely without the 'roids). His recent post, When I'm Tempted to Sin, is truly all about the cross of Christ.

Oh, and by the way, here are the 4 previous winners of the Gospel Blogger award:

#4. RazorsKiss
#3. Believer Blog
#2. The Irvins
#1. Jollyblogger


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