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February 24, 2005

GBA Call for Nominations

Almost time again for Mr. Standfast's Gospel Blogger Award (aka "The GBA"). The point of this "award" is to feature a post that best exemplifies the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Christian bloggers tend to carry on a many-sided conversation, producing countless wonderful posts, prompting fascinating dialogue, investigating theological controversy, taking up one worthy cause or another, but with this "award" I'm trying to feature a post that is forthrightly Christ-founded. I have this notion that over time people will start to notice the "GBA" and let me know about likely candidates they have come across. Yes, NOMINATIONS, that's what I need! Because as it is I'm just scanning the blogroll at the last minute looking for something that just sort of jumps out at me. I think I've probably got this week's winner all picked out (to be announced tomorrow) but I want to change up the nominating procedure a little bit. I think it would be far more interesting if people were letting me know about the posts that jumped out at them! Posts that turned their eyes once again to Jesus and His Cross. Therefore:

If you have come across a recent blog-post that is centered on the Gospel of Jesus (John 3:16, if you must have it in a nutshell), by all means let me know. Drop your nominating ballot in the handy slot marked "comment" below, or go to my profile page and click email to reach me directly. I will post all nominations and announce the committee's choice (the committee, by the way, is made up of Me, Myself, and I) each Friday.


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