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February 11, 2005

Friday Blogtalk

A busy day today, so not much time for posting. But it is Friday, and so I will just point out a few new residents on my blogroll. I've chosen to put them all in the "Apoligists" category, although that could change after I grow more familiar with their work. They are Allthings2all, the blog of Catez Stevens of Middle Earth (I mean, New Zealand). Catez, my question for you: is it really paradise there? Cuz that's sure how it seems from here? For a representative post, see Under the Pohutakawa.

Next, have a look at Crossroads. This is the blog of Diane in Southern California. She is serious, eloquent, and studious. Read her post on apostles in the modern church for a good example of her work.

Finally, check out B. J. Hewitt's wonderfully titled blog, God Is Good All the Time. Here's another Californian, and this one actually says that Mr. Standfast is one of his three favorite blogs. Wow! Despite this evidence to the contrary, he seems to be a person of sound judgement. Sample: It Starts With a Thought.

One think left to do: announce the latest recipient of the most "under the radar" blogging accolade in the blogosphere. This week's winner of Mr. Standfast's Gospel Blogger Award, for the post that best represents the Gospel of Jesus Christ, is none other than RazorsKiss, for his recent post, What Really Matters? Real good stuff!


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