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February 20, 2005

Christ-centered Blogging

I spent all day yesterday at a "leadership conference." This kind of thing doesn't usually interest me, but I am a great admirer of the man who conducted the seminar. He's a retired Baptist preacher, Dr. Bob Frederich. Sort of the preeminent Evangelical of our region.

Bob was inspiring as usual. I'm really glad I went, but I'm also more sure than ever that leadership, like "purpose," represents a potentially dangerous misdirection of our attention. Of course we must talk about and understand these things, but have you noticed that they have a tendency to move Jesus from the center of our attention?

I confess that Mr. Standfast has not been all that Christ-centered in the past week. When that happens, the fire seems to go out of things, and I begin to cast about for something to write, wondering where my "groove" has gone.

But I want to renew my goal to investigate the possibilities of a Christ-centered weblog. I say "goal" because I clearly have not achieved that yet. I say "invetigate" because I'm not even sure exactly what Christ-centered means in this context.

It was Paul's forthright detirmination to know only Christ, and Him crucified, while living with his beloved and yet troubling Corinthian brethren. What an amazing statement that is! And Paul clearly saw this kind of living and knowing in strictly relational terms. That's why he put "among you." As if to say:As a model and a demonstration of the the power of the Cross, I was detirmined to live it out in your midst, for your sake.

Father, may this blog be an ongoing exploration of the depths and the riches of the Cross of Christ. Amen.


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