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"Nothing taken for granted; everything received with gratitude; everything passed on with grace." G. K. Chesterton

January 12, 2005

Wednesday Blogspotting

"Always in the middle of things," I said yesterday. That's our spiritual condition. "Building project in a war zone," I said. But by the grace of God, even in the midst of the rubble, we have peace. This sets us apart. This marks us. This is a sign of maturity in the Lord.

Blogging captures this partial-ness. "The view from my particular here and now," that might be the caption for every blog. And a reminder, "There is no end to this story. Nevertheless, read on."

That's why I love, most of all, the "diarists" on my blogroll. These are the bloggers who willingly reflect the "momentary" nature of their work, but who simply share it nevertheless. Among these are a few newcomers to the list. For example, set your cursor upon WhimsyMim. She is a blogging-friend. Drop her a word of encouragement, too, why don't you? Just as Donna at Rustling Leaves, who is always sweet, has done.

Then there's Ragamuffin Diva. What a discovery! She's been blogging since May '04. She's a real crafter of words. I can pick any number of outstanding posts for an example, but just read For the Journey. It's a beaut!

Then there's GraceReign. Her tagline: "I'm a regular person learning to let go of my boxes and walk in the adventure of grace." Letting go of my boxes. I like that.

Speaking of "grace," I'd also like to mention Marilynn Griffith's Rhythms of Grace. Marilyn is a gem. She exhorts with passion and sensitivity. What I am about to say is a tired cliche, but utterly true in this case: she shares her very heart with her readers.

Finally, drop by nearlydaybyday. Fellow named Rich minds the store here. Thoughtful, intimate, searching. That's how I'd describe his posts. I'm happy to add him to my blogroll.


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