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"Nothing taken for granted; everything received with gratitude; everything passed on with grace." G. K. Chesterton

January 03, 2005

Spiritual Report

Well, so much has been happening around here. I have a sense of real Spiritual work going on in my relationships lately, and in me. I was a part of a group that ushered the new year in with a "First Fruits" offering of 24 hours of worship and prayer, and that was just an incredibly inspiring experience. Then, yesterday, a group of us got together to share our stories and pray for one another. It all started when I'd heard from my friend Meghan something I had not known: that her father had died a few years ago in a tragic boating accident. Since my father also died that way, I told her I thought we should get together and share our stories. Then I remembered that my friend, Todd, who is a true brother to me, also experienced a tragic loss to drowning (Todd witnessed his own grandfather's drowning when he was just seven years old), and so I asked him to come along too. Before you know it our friend Ting had joined us as well, and then of course Laurie was with us, and so the five of spent all of five hours sharing our stories and praying for one another. It was simple awesome!

This evening we are nursing a beloved dog, Clementine, who may not make it through the night, so the vet is telling us. This will be a hard blow to Laurie. She under a lot of work-related stress right now, and she loves this dog intensely. Please pray for her, would you?


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