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January 22, 2005

Saturday Book Notes

Saturday is for book-talk, remember?

Mark Loughridge at 3:17 reviews David McKay's The Bond of Love. Sounds like a good one.

Philosopher John Mark Reynolds provides a list of recommended reading for young people (elementary through high school) that includes everything from Curious George to Les Miserables. For list lovers who are also book lovers, a must-browse.

American Heritage, which is one of my favorite journals, is out with their 50th anniversary issue. They've asked 21 experts in American history to name the best books in their respective fields of study (colonial era, revolutionary war, etc.). Peruse the resulting list, America Unabridged, and its accompanying essays (subscribers only, I'm afraid), and your must-read list is bound to grow.


Blogger Phil W said...

Thanks for the American Heritage link. That's interesting.

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