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"Nothing taken for granted; everything received with gratitude; everything passed on with grace." G. K. Chesterton

January 05, 2005

Reading High and Well

I've been intending to write a sequel to My Reading Year, looking briefly at my "reading plan" for the new year. That plan is really simple. Read high and read well. That is, this year I want to aim high, reading only what is excellent (Phil 4:8), and I also want to read with a commitment to comprehension--reading with understanding.

In the course of the year I'll want to read some history, some fiction, and some biography (something I didn't make room for last year). Of course I'll also be reading much Christian writing, but I hope to concentrate on the great classics, drinking (as it were) only from proven wells. I'll keep you posted.


Thanks to all of those who wrote kind words concerning the loss of our beloved dog, Clementine. The occasion has served, I think, to strengthen the bonds of love between all who were involved. Also, following as it did on the funeral of my friend, John, I feel as if circumstances are conspiring to urge upon us a stronger realization of our mortality, and a more urgent sense of the significance of each passing moment. We must love one another. We must hurry to the task, for time is short. Did you perhaps forget? If so, be advised. And love well the people God has places in your path. This is your high calling.


A good friend of mine is now blogging. She is, I think, a natural. She will take to it like a Great Blue takes to the sky, will stunning aplomb. Her name is Mim, and her blog is Revelations. Her first post (A Series of Fortunate Events) is, well, a "fortunate event" in itself.


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