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January 26, 2005

Blogroll Browsing: The Generalists

I set out to summarize my blogroll and it has turned into a 3-post process (at least). I'm moving on now to the category I call "The Generalists." These labels of mine are of course gross over-simplifications, and this label especially. I created this category for the bloggers on my roll that I simply couldn't pigeonhole. Sometimes they're apologists, sometimes diarists, sometimes they get political, and sometimes they're just plain silly.

Dr. George Grant's King's Meadow, is almost never silly, but he's always engaging. He blogs sports, politics, Biblical theology, culture, and everything in between.

Phil Dillon pontificates (sorry, bad word) at Another Man's Meat. There are a lot of reasons to like AMM. I'm shoulder-to-shoulder with Phil's Biblical and theological understanding, but to tell you the truth, I like his many autobiographical posts best of all. Browse and read. You'll be glad you did.

CowPi Journal
is another favorite of mine. His is an encouraging blog, to say the least. His "quote of the Day" is always an eye-opener. He draws inspiration from many teachers, and would be the first to say that he gladly stands on the shoulders of giants. Want an example? Try this quotation from Evelyn Underhill:

We see in this muddled world a constant struggle for Truth, Goodness, Perfection; and all those who give themselves to that struggle--—the struggle for the redemption of the world from greed, cruelty, injustice, selfish desire and their results—--find themselves supported and reinforced by a spiritual power which enhances life, strengthens will, and purifies character. And they come to recognize more and more in the power the action of God. These facts are as real as the other facts…
Moving on, there's the often amusing anotherthink; and Mark Daniels at Better Living, who's been wondering if New England sports fans are finally getting jaded, now that the Sox and Pats are champions. Take it from me, Mark: the answer is, DON'T BET ON IT!

Also, don't fail to check out The Examined Life, compare notes with Crusty Curmugeon, and sit at the feet of Dime Store Guru. Since these guys are, after all, "generalists," it's hard to summarize their work. Just go there. Be surprised!

Finally, there are two group-blogs on my list. Now, I've always hankered to be a part of a group-blog, so if you Thinklings have an opening, consider Mr. Standfast. The other is Men of the Vineyard. As a man of the Vineyard myself, I just had to include them.

So there you have it. Enjoy the generalist-bloggers. Again I say, you'll never truly appreciate a blog till you've visited it frequently, over time. To paraphrase the voice that once spoke to St. Augustine, I say to you, "Browse and read. Browse and read."

[BTW, you'll notice I've now added the "Church Directory" (curtesy of Joe Carter) to my sidebar. That's a deep well (over 150 blogs), from which I expect to draw many buckets of refreshment. You too, perhaps?]


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