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January 13, 2005

Are you a Fool for Jesus?

I've been reading Richard Foster's Prayer: Finding the Heart's True Home, and am liking it as much as I do all of Foster's writing, which is a good deal. I'm actually reading the book twice. I'm reading along on my own, and then I'm also reading it aloud to Laurie. This seems to work well for us during these long Maine winters. And since she knits while I read, someone's going to get a pair of socks out of the deal!

I'd also like to recommend an article by Brennan Manning called Fools for Jesus, in the latest edition of Christian Counterculture. Here's an excerpt, just to whet you appetite:

Let us be bold enough to ask ourselves, as Christians, whether the church of the Lord Jesus in the United States has anything to say to our nation and its ideologies of materialism, possessiveness, and the worship of financial security. Are we courageous enough to be a sign of contradiction to consumerism through our living faith in Jesus Christ? Are we committed enough to his gospel to become a counter-current to the drift? Or have we so accommodated the faith of our fathers to consumption that the question of simplicity of life, sharing of resources, and radical dependence on God's providence no longer seem relevant? How do we build the kingdom of God on earth if what we incarnate in our lives is the dogma of our culture rather than the revelation of Jesus?


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