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November 04, 2004

Sinners of the World, Unite!

I've been a little off kilter lately, when it comes to spiritual things. The recent election grabbed my attention for a few days, and essentially I could think of nothing else. This is probably not as it should be, but an improvement over my old political junkie days.

Which reminds me: pundits keep talking about how this is a divided nation, about the need to "come together." It's silly talk, in my opinion. Politics is, by its very nature, devisive. A landslide in presidential elections is when the winner gets 60% of the vote. That means 40% are disaffected, angry, embittered, whatever. But here's my point, the root cause of all "disunity" is the Fall, and the solution has nothing whatsoever to do with politics.

This is important to remember. Sin is the fundamental problem. The only unity known to man is the unity of sinners. All men, all women -- whether Democrat, Republican, or other -- are sinners in need of a Savior. The line of demarcation is not, in other words, political. The line of demarcation has to do instead with how people answer a question something like this: Where does your hope come from?


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