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November 27, 2004

Post-Turkey Day Ramblings

The turkey was good. The pies were good (French apple and pumpkin). The company was good. Somehow we got to talking about The Never Ending Story, and so we wound up watching it in the evening, and after that Tuesdays with Morrie, which Nate had been kind enough to bring, knowing that I'd enjoyed the book. None of which should matter a single whit to anyone at all, of course, but there's a place even for incredibly trivial chit-chat here at Mr. Standfast.

My friend Meghan, who is an art student (here) majoring in print-making, has offered to create a book of my poems. Imagine that! So I've handed over to her a sheaf of my poems, and she will be running off an edition of 20 copies, to be ready in January. Isn't that wonderful? Meghan is a creative artist and I've given her free reign as to the book's look and feel. She will also be illustrating it. I don't know what I'm going to to do with these 20 copies (give some away to my special friends, no doubt), but if any of you out there would like a copy, I could send you one (autographed, of course) for a small donation that would go to Meghan, who is soon to become a real-life struggling artist (in other words, she'll be graduating in the Spring). Go to my Blogger profile to send me an email if you'd like one. We'll exchange snail-mail details that way. I just want to do something to bless Meghan.


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