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"Nothing taken for granted; everything received with gratitude; everything passed on with grace." G. K. Chesterton

October 11, 2004

A Weekend of Celebration

I had a wonderful time this weekend at John and Janel's wedding. It was up in the fine old city of Bangor, Maine, at the Abundant Life church. In the morning I attended church there and had a great time of worship, led by Kent Henry. Awesome!

After the wedding ceremony, at the reception, I had the honor of proposing the toast to the newlyweds. I thought I might share these words with you today:

As John's best man I am afforded the signal pleasure of proposing a toast to the bride and groom. I consider this a serious responsibility. In a few moments, we as a group, a family, are going to lift our glasses to declare our delight, our joy, at the birth of this new thing under the sun: the marriage of John and Janel.

But before we do that, and because I happen to have the floor at this moment, I'd like to address the newlyweds. Janel, I've known John for a few years now. He's what I call "one of the good ones." He's sensitive, earnest, thoughtful, and funny, as you have no doubt discovered.

John, I don't know Janel well yet, but I know that in her you have found your life and your destiny. You are, as the Bible says, "highly favored."

To both of you I have a few words of simple advice. Marriage is the crucible of love. After 26 years of marriage I can say that my experience has confirmed the truth of Scripture that "love never fails."

Let me repeat that. Love never fails. It always works. John and Janel, I take this opportunity to urge you to love one another patiently, enduringly, consistently, creatively, and repeatedly. Neither one of you being perfect yet, your love for one another is going to cover--let's face it--a multitude of sins. In marriage, love is your life raft.

Okay, having thus spent my proverbial two cents worth, I now move on to the toast. Ladies and gentleman, raise your glasses please to a new thing under the sun. The two have become one! I give you, John and Janel.

Now I think I'll take a walk. I'm going off to Hinckley Park with my camera. Pix (maybe) next post.


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