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"Nothing taken for granted; everything received with gratitude; everything passed on with grace." G. K. Chesterton

October 30, 2004

Still Traipsing . . .

. . . around the Christian Internet, that is. Finding lots of wonderful stuff (and I'm just in the mood for linking). For example, Greg Burnett provides the following A. W. Tozer gem:

Well, the world is big and tangled and dark, and we are never sure where a true Christian may be found. One thing we do know: the more like Christ he is the less likely it will be that a newspaper reporter will be seeking him out. However much he may value the esteem of his fellow men, he may for the time be forced to stand under the shadow of their displeasure. Or the busy world may actually not even know he is there --except that they hear him singing.
In addition, check out Christian Soldier (which happens to be the blog of a Navy Doctor in Iraq--who lists Mr. Standfast on his blogroll!). Here's a recent post in its entirety:

This week, I realize how quickly I have become numb to the surrounding, even in the mist of a war. Last weekend, we had an overflow of casualties from firefights and mortars, and I was humbled again how life is so fragile and precious. Working in the clinic, I get to see and triage to the various wounded as they enter into the trauma rooms, some in better shape than others, but all will have their lives impacted one way or another. See the news back home doesn’t report about the wounded that have lost an eye, hand, or limb, yet these injuries will take month if not years to recover, and how I wonder at their spiritual state of mind, and if they have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I hope it doesn’t take a major incident or situation in our lives for us to turn to God, for it may be too late. In fact, do not linger in our walk, but always be as prepare as we can because we truly don’t know what tomorrow holds! I know for those of us who put our trust in the Lord, we need not be afraid about our salvation, but I pray that we’ll never be complacent about our sanctification. Please continue to pray for these young men and women, and especially those who have been wounded! God bless.
Finally, I wanted to point my readers to Eternal Perspectives Ministries. They put out a free newsletter which is always interesting and substantial. The latest issue is here (do check out the fascinating chart on page 4).


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