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September 18, 2004

A Bruce Caruso Update

Back on August 19th I asked the burning question, What Ever Happened to Bruce Caruso? The post seemed to stir some of its readers to think about their own long lost friends. Lucy, for example, wrote, "Where is my friend James? Last contact we had was when I was 15. I tried to find him 5 years later, but he had moved out of the county, and noone knew where. A good friend, kind compassionate. I'd love to meet up with him again someday."

Well, I really doubted that anyone who knew Bruce would read the post, but lo and behold, his brother-in-law wrote to me today, and then his sister. Bruce is alive and well and living in his old neighborhood. His sister, Lynn, writes:

What a small world, I was just surfing on some ancestory links and somehow saw Bruce's name come up and it lead me to your site! I will be speaking with him later today and I'll let him know you were asking about him. He doesn't have a computer, so I will most likely respond back to your email address.
So isn't that cool! Now I'm going to have to do another "Where is he now?" post and see if it works again!


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