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August 11, 2004

Kingdom Communication, Revisited

I'm still thinking about "kingdom communication." I said before that the Holy Spirit makes possible a foretaste of the kind of communication that will be the norm in Heaven. That's right. We're not left to our own devices, thank the Lord. Now, I've been blogging away on this subject for a few days, and I think it's about time I came to the point! What, pray tell, is Kingdom Communication really like?

Well, it bears the "easy yoke" of the Gospel from one soul to another. It is Jesus Christ reaching through one to another, forming bonds, building up, strengthening faith, giving hope. Its message is essentially reconciliation. Peace with God and peace with men. So much of human communication is marred by a lack of peace. By mistrust, fear, even hatred. Where there is peace, a whole different kind of talking becomes possible.

What is kingdom communication NOT? Well, of course there is no falseness or posturing in it. It is not defensive or self-serving. It is without pretension, claims of authority, power-plays, or gamesmanship. It is not quarrelsome, petty, grudge-holding, back-biting, gossipy, condescending, hurtful, cynical, or faith-destroying. It never focuses on the negative or the tawdry.

Its purpose is to enlighten, so kingdom communication strives patiently for clarity, even on difficult matters. It is at all times intrinsically and forthrightly honest. Its intent is always to serve and to build up the one addressed. It does not require acceptance or agreement, because it does not see the act of communication as a game to be won. It is exactly like love: patient and kind, not envious, boastful, or proud. Not rude, self-seeking or easily angered, keeping no record of wrong. Not delighting in evil, but rejoicing in the truth. Always hoping, always persevering.

When one is addressed in such a manner, one feels lifted up, honored, and trusted. To answer in the same manner is to enter into a relationship of such forthright honesty, such acceptance, such an atmosphere of understanding and forgiveness, that it can only be called the verbal form of agape love.

And that is kingdom communication. How much of what we say each day can actually meet this joyous standard? Let us observe ourselves as we speak. Let us test our words against the standard of love set by Jesus Himself. Let us love one another in both word and deed.


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