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August 30, 2004

Getting Acquainted with Some Fresh New Blogs

Lately I've added a few new blogs to my "A Few Blogs" list at right. I like to give that list a stir every now and then. Occasionally dropping a blog (usually because of infrequency of posting, but sometimes because the blogger used the adjective "post-modern" once too often for my taste--the frequent use of the word "emerging" doesn't win my allegiance, either), now and then adding a few that seem like they might be worth a return visit.

So--drumroll, please--here are a few newcomers to the list:

CowPi Journal--the blogger is a Catholic and math teacher, two things I have trouble relating too. Cowpi Journal helps. He begins each post with a really interesting quotation. Today's quote is here.

King's Meadow--blogger George Grant is a professor and a prolific author. No permalinks--just go check it out!

In a Mirror, Dimly--I'm just getting to know this one. He's been blogging lately on home groups. Like it so far!

Not Perfection. I'm breaking one of my rules by including this blog--since it tends to feature a lot about the current election here in America. But hey, rules are made to be broken, right? This post is a good recent example.

Sand in the Gears--this is another that I've really only glanced at once or twice, but have a good feeling about. There I go listening to my FEELINGS again! Click here for an amusing little post.

A View of the Stars--another thoughtful blogger who struggles to keep his priorities in order, as this post demonstrates.

All these bloggers are well worth a look. Good readin'!


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