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July 20, 2004

Report from the Mission Field

About 16 teenagers from our church have gone to Mexico on a missions trip with a group called Extreme Missions. I thought some of my readers might like to hear a report from the mission field. One of the youth leaders, Johannah, sent back this report via email. Johannah writes:

On Sunday we spent most of the day in worship and prayer with the larger group. We awoke to find Isaiah Bennett quite sick with headache and cramps. A bunch of kids went right to his room and laid hands on him. I knew in my heart this would be the first miracle we would see on our trip. Within hours Isaiah was up and dancing around in worship. It was incredible.

We really noticed a difference in the kids on Sunday. They seemed much more relaxed and released, especially in worship. They were dancing, clapping, shouting, laughing... even the quieter ones were coming out of their shells. It was awesome.

During ministry time, the kids were always looking around for who needed prayer. On many occasions, someone in our group would go up for prayer and immediately 4-5 team members followed that person to the altar and laid hands on them. I won't forget Meagghan Sparks, after praying for Isaiah one night during ministry, got up, looked around, and said to me "Well I guess I should find someone else who needs prayer.. " and she walked with her sister over to a girl and prayed for her. It was one of those moments that I won't forget.

This continues to happen. The kids are rallying around each other and seeing themselves as a team, and as ministers of God. We are praying about everything we encounter.

Yesterday we left El Paso and headed to the border. We heard that getting across the border could take up to 3 hours, just with paper work and the possibility of having to go through every bag and box. We prayed that once at the border the guard would just let us go through and not feel the need to check our boxes and luggage. (it is custom to search all bags when crossing) Sure enough, we pulled up, Daryl got out to see what we needed to do, and the guard simply waved us on. It was a miracle. Even the busdriver was shocked!!

Our busride to Casas Grande took 6 hours. As we neared the city, we knew we'd have to stop at a check point to pay a fine for traveling in the interior of Mexico. Once again we prayed that the right guard would be on duty. If we didn't have to pay we'd save $500. As we rolled up to the check point I started praying that the guard would see angels around the bus and that he would simply let us go on. Sure enough Daryl started to get out of the bus to talk to the guard and before he reached the last step the guard was waving us on... The busdriver turned to us all and said "amazing.." Daryl got back on the bus and shouted- yes Lord!! Thank you for allowing us to keep $500.

These things we know will continue to happen. The kids are catching on to the idea that Jesus has gone before us on this trip, that He is in control and paving the way for us here. With every miracle, their faith and ours has only increased.

We are here to love and to serve the people of Mexico. I am continually reminded of Gideon's army, a rather motley crew of people that really didn't want to fight. But because of their obedience, God was able to demonstrate His power and nature through their victory!

May it be so with us, a pretty motley crew of young people, just following the orders of our Master.

We love you all and thank you for your prayers. It's because of your faithfulness that we are here!

Who knew serving God could be so much fun?

In His grip,
Johannah and the team


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