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July 14, 2004

Praying for Bali

The responses to the last two posts have been very gratifying. They're a glimpse, I think, of the Kingdom of God in action. At 1:00 pm (my time) on the 12th Evenstar posted a prayer-request for her friend Rita in Bali. Now, around that time I was sitting and reading God's Relentless Pursuit. I was reading about the need to be watchful for what the Lord is doing around us, and to seize the opportunity to join in. Feeling somewhat restless, I decided to check the blog again, and at 1:50 I read Evenstar's prayer request. As I began to pray for Rita in Bali, I had a tremendous sense that it was the ripe time for this particular prayer-need. In a word, I was filled with awe. Then, within a half-hour, two more people, Paul and Ruby, wrote to say that they also would be praying for Rita. Later in the evening, Elizabeth added her voice to the chorus.

So it seems that God wants us praying for Rita and for Bali. At least that's what I'm thinking. I know I'll be watching the situation there more closely from now on. Evenstar mentioned the recent elections. Click here for a brief overview of the situation in Indonesia (of which Bali is a part), and here for a look at the persecution that's been going on there. Go here for the National Geographic photogallery of Bali. Or go to Google News for the latest word from that part of the world. And if your Southeast Asia geography is a little fuzzy (like mine), have a peak at this map. Please ask God whether He would have you, too, praying for Bali and Indonesia.


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