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July 25, 2004

Extreme Mission 2

A few days back I posted a lengthy report from the Mexican mission field. I don't know how many of my regular readers are interested, but I feel led to post a second report. This is a very lengthy but fascinating glimpse into what has been going on down there.
Wed night we went to a park to minister to the people of the neighborhood around the park. We went house to house inviting people to the park where we gave our dramas and preached to them. We had 15-20 people saved. The real important thing that happened there was that a couple of the girls went against our instruction and brought a puppy they had found on the street back to the church. We had told them no but they smuggled the dog onto the bus and brought him back. The pastors of the church here had said explicitly that they did not want the dog brought back. The puppy was sick, infested with fleas and ticks. He was so sick that he could not even hold his head up and was barely breathing. When the pastors discovered the puppy at the church they were upset and after examining the dog decided it probably would not live through the night. There were lots of tears and the pastors said they would have to dispose of the dog. The girls and boys bathed the dog, and tried to feed it but it still looked dim. They prayed for the Lord to spare the puppy. We had our evening devotions and talked about the problem that had come up with the dog. The kids thought about it and said they realized they had more compassion for the dog than for the people of Mexico. While we were not excited about the kids not obeying us it was a kind of turning point in our mission. To make a long story short, the Lord spared the puppy. It was fine the next morning and has grown stronger and is now a very healthy puppy that our bus driver has decided to keep. The kids are overjoyed.

Speaking of the bus driver, Margaritto, he had been watching all that the kids were doing and on Wed evening he came to us and said he wanted to give his life to God. We had the kids gather around and lay hands on him and pray with him. It made all of the kids realize how much they were being watched and how much their actions effect things. Margaritto has become stronger and stronger in his faith in just a few days. He has bonded with all of us and feels part of our team. He goes to every event with us and participates in praying for people to come to Jesus. Our team has grown from the 24 we started with to over 50 people who go everywhere with us. The people see us coming and say "The people who are turning the world upside down have come here too"

Since that Wed night, things really started happening. Thursday we went to the local jail. We were carefully searched, all of us, and finally we went into the prison and were confronted by some pretty hard men. We performed our dramas and then three of the boys gave their testimonies. It broke the stronghold over that prison and about 25 men came forward instantly to give their hearts to God. While we were praying over them we began to point at men who where holding back and challenging them to come forward and they did. We are not sure but somewhere around 35 total were saved. It was awesome. The boys (only boys were allowed in the men's prison) began to pray in the spirit and lay hands on many of the men. We then played a hard game of basket ball and they won. They played rough but it was real fun for them. They all walked us to the exit gate and kept thanking us and God. When we got on the bus, it would not start. While Margaritto worked to figure out why, one of the guards from the prison came out and said he needed to board the bus. Once on board, he asked if we could pray for him to receive the Lord. Hearts were broken and strengthened. We prayed with him and hope to meet with him again before we leave.

We came back and that night went out to a local park to witness. Many people were in the park already and were preparing for a celebration. It seems they had reserved the park for a fiesta and had bands, performers and other entertainment scheduled. We were a little disappointed but decided to approach the organizers and see if we could join in. They readily accepted our offer and put us on the schedule. We did dramas, preached and probably 40 people came forward. We saw many people give themselves to God. Barry and I talked to a group of 6 boys all at once and they prayed for salvation. Daryll was sharing with two men when a bystander who had been listening came forward and all three prayed with Daryll. Lots of others were saved. We did face painting and balloon sculptures till people had blisters on their fingers from blowing up balloons. The organizers really appreciated our involvement and it made their fiesta better.

Thursday night was not over. We got back to the church at about 11:00. We got together about 11:30 for evening devotions. The kids began to share things on their hearts and like a mighty wind, the Holy Spirit filled the room we were in. Your kids began to preach, Prophesy, see visions, speak in tongues and we experienced deliverance for several of the kids. Robert and Andrew were broken in the spirit and were given visions. Mandie and several others began speaking in tongues. They were not prompted by us but it was spontaneous. Isaiah began to prophesy and continued solid for almost three hours. He was demanding that the powers of Satan be broken over this area and many other things. Kids were slain in the spirit and new boldness was brought out. Brandon, Nate, Ethan were all praying like seasoned prayer warriors. I don't mean to leave any of the others out as all were touched clearly by God but it would take all night to tell it all. This is not the same group of kids we came with. We lost your kids. The team leaders just stood back and were amazed by the work of the Holy Spirit. Actually we tried to pray and help them with what was happening but God was clearly in control. We were just holding on for the ride, and have been ever since.

Things got exciting again on Friday. Lots of hard back breaking work during the day and then in the afternoon we went to a very poor area and went casa to casa to ask if there was anything we could pray with people for. There were lots of prayers put forth by your kids. We also distributed food to these people, the poorest of the poor. It was a real blessing.

Friday night we held a concert in a local gymnasium that was attended by over 300 people. After Music, Drama, Magic, Testimonies, and preaching, somewhere between 50-75 people came forward. The local church was there with counselors to gather info on all of the people so they could incorporate them in their church. It was awesome. Lots of dancing and rejoicing in the Spirit broke out and the kids wasted themselves dancing before God.

When we got back to the church, we had evening devotions and explained that Saturday would be a fun day of museums, swimming and so on. The kids objected and said they would rather spend their last day in ministry. They felt it would be wrong for them to go have fun when there is such a large harvest to be brought in. Yes, that is your kids saying no to fun. We had some kids almost in tears because they wanted to give their testimonies to the People of Mexico. Meagan, the shiest of our group, can boldly stand before a crowd and declare that God Changed Her Life!!! She was upset when we did not have enough time for her to do that.

These kids have experienced something miraculous. They are going to come back changed. They will have an enthusiasm to share God with everyone and most of you back home have never had an experience like this one. You will not understand what has happened. They can hardly wait till August 1 when they get to share with the church all that has happened. At the same time, they do not want to leave here. I believe several of these kids will end up permanently in the mission field, throwing away their lives for God. We told them they had to have the fun day we had planned to help them decompress. They reluctantly agreed and have had a wonderful day but in their hearts, really wanted to be on the streets. They are already planning their attack on Portland.

I am wanting this letter shared with Mario as a WARNING!!!! Next Sunday will be like no other service we have ever had. Please bring anyone you want to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ to that mornings services. Especially teens, and any Spanish people you may know. People will be saved, that is a promise. These kids have a fire and a light like you have never seen.

Tomorrow we began our trek home. We leave tomorrow morning and travel to Juarez where we meet with other teams sent out to other places. Then we go back Sunday evening to El Paso to stay at the Raddison for the night. Monday morning we fly home with plans to break the strongholds in Portland and to see Christ Glorified.


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