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June 24, 2004

Silver: A Palette-Praise Update

It took me forever to find silver. I let whole days go by without even thinking about it, which is not a very disciplined way to pursue a spiritual discipline. And then there were other days when I would think about it for a moment or two, look around for something silver, look skyward for a cloud with a silver lining, and then forget about the whole thing.

So then last night I ran into my friend Todd. Todd was going to the beach. Old Orchard Beach, as a matter of fact. He invited me--or did I invite myself?--to join him. It was a cool evening, and the beach was almost deserted. The sun was going down behind us, and the North Atlantic was shimmering. Todd's first question for me was, "So how's your walk?"

And so that's what we talked about. My walk. And it was good. It occurred to me that the chance meeting was not chance. Todd, you see, is the epitome of the encourager. Twice as we sat and talked and gazed at the sea he broke into sweet spontaneous prayer for me. And it was just good. And did I tell you the sea was shimmering? I have never seen it so . . . so shiney! Shining like . . . like SILVER!

Thank you, my loving Father, creator of all colors!

(By the way, if none of this makes sense to you, then you probably need to read Palette-Praise: A New Spiritual Discipline.)

And now: on to bittersweet!


Blogger Jim said...

Don't know about "silver" other than "A hearty hi-ho!", Bob, but your "salt" post sparked some though on my own site. Glad to hear about your walk on the beach. the wife and I are headed that way tomorrow....Peace, my friend

6:16 PM  

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