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June 17, 2004

Providence: A Story (and a Question)

Do you remember something like this? Let's say you're walking along the street, just sort of getting some air, and let's say it's a windy day. I mean, it's a really windy day. Chicago-like. And there's a sheet of newsprint blowing toward you. It's coming along, sweeping and swooping and tumbling. And it swoops right up to you, and it sweeps around your legs like some sort of newsprint-dervish, and you seem to be at the center of some rare weather-occurrence, a little vortex all your own, for the wind is whirling the paper around and around you, as if you were standing in the eye of a little tornado, and the whirling paper sweeps around and around your ankles, your knees, your waist, and it's like you're in some sort of supernatural grip as it whirls around your head now, around and around and around, and all you can see is a blur of newsprint, and then suddenly the paper is plastered to your face. With difficulty you peal it away, and then before you know it the wind has literally torn it from your grasp, so that all that's left in your hand is one small scrap of paper as the rest of the page sweeps on past you along the avenue.

My God, you wonder. What on earth just happened? And you look down at the scrap of paper in your hand, and your eyes go wide, for there it is! The news! The news meant only for you. The news you'd dreamed about as a child, but finally given up on, and even learned to doubt, to scoff at, to feel superior than, and there it is in black and white, plain as day, just in time to change the course of your whole day, your whole life.

So: was it like that for you, too? Or was it like something else entirely? Do you remember?


Blogger Paul said...

Wow Bob - Pretty awesome - because in a way, that is what is going on in my life, the events of the last two years ... the chemo ... the radiation - the two surgeries ... 29 years of marriage wiped out with the stroke of a pen and yet in the midst of all this, the Lord is beginning to fulfill things in my life that I thought never possible. The Lord has been with me each and every step of the way ... He has flooded me with that peace that passes all understanding.

He is making himself more real than I could ever realize. Hill Country Thoughts is part of it ... Began on April 26th and have been amazed by the response, the people and even if I had only touched one person it would have been worth it.

The people I have met, chated with, it is amazing to see how the Lord often use different one's to trigger more thoughts, actions, such as your post did for me today. I come away strengthen and blessed.

I know that in the end the Lord will be glorified and Lord willing even a reconcillation but if not I shall still go forward in that which He has set before me.

Thank you for stirring up my spirit this day. I better close before I write a book :-)

Again, thanks Bob!!


6:16 PM  
Blogger Jackie said...

dervish - n. A member of any of various Muslim ascetic orders, some of which perform whirling dances in ecstatic devotion. (American Heritage Dictionary, Fourth EditionNo, didn't happen like that to me. Oh, I had the tornado, but I pitched a tent and camped in it for a few years. Like Paul, I am living now in great expectancy.
Great mental picture.

8:27 PM  
Blogger Bob said...

I think we'd all love to hear more about your "camping trip"!

5:53 AM  
Blogger Jackie said...

Bob~ I'll have to type it all out sometime, huh? I just wanted to mention that I never recalled reading or hearing the word dervish until I read it here. AS it usually goes, as soon a I learn a new word I'll see it somewhere else. I love it when that happens :o)

9:58 AM  
Blogger Susan said...

Interesting. Got me thinking. Maybe that's exactly what I'm experiencing right now.

7:57 PM  

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