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"Nothing taken for granted; everything received with gratitude; everything passed on with grace." G. K. Chesterton

June 02, 2004


This has been a time of spiritual inventory for me. A time of reckoning. Working out my objections to PDL has helped me, I think, sort out what is fundamental, what is essential. And it has also helped me to renounce some things, some ways of thinking, that have been detrimental.

So I want to talk about this. No, I want to blog about it. I want to work it out by spelling it out. It may take me some time, two or three posts, or it may be something that comes out all in a gush. Probably, though, in somewhat disorganized dribs and drabs, I think. God has been showing me something in His Word, drawing me to passages that have a single theme or message. Reminding me of something that I don't think I ever fully and deeply understood. Or if I had, I'd forgotten it.

The message: I'm broken.

Consider that the first drib. Not much, I know. Nothing to write home about. But I should remind you who read this that in truth I'm doing this for myself alone. I mean you no disrespect, and I do hope that there might be something in the coming posts for you to latch onto, but if not, my purpose is still served. I only want to say it, explain it, understand it. I'm broken.

More later.


Blogger Jackie said...

I'm broken too, so I am listening....

6:23 PM  

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