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May 01, 2004


Last night we hosted our first PDL small-group meeting. It turned out that for various reasons several people wound up attending other groups (closer to home . . . different night) and one, son Nate, was off on a trip. That meant a cozy little group of four, which worked out just fine.

I'm not all that delighted with the book, I must confess, but I'm trying to give it a fair chance, and in fact the discussion engendered last night was definitely useful. As for what I don't like about "Purpose," I'll save that for a later date.

Anyway, last night we talked about the three problems that flow from (according to Warren) not knowing your purpose in life. Life becomes tiresome, unfulfilling, and uncontrollable. I don't know that I buy the proposition to begin with, but still we can all relate, I think, to those three issues. In fact, Warren's study-guide asks which of these three we were best able to "relate to." Three out of the four of us voted for, "uncontrollable." I suppose they felt like Winston Churchill when he said, ". . . the terrible ifs accumulate." I, the lone dissenter as usual, cast my vote for "unfulfilling."

Anyway, this was a good discussion, that seemed to get people thinking about the kind of life they would prefer. A life that's under control, I guess you could say. Thoughts, anyone? What Scripture verse, for example, would be applicable here?


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