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May 15, 2004

A Few Good Posts

I thought I should try to be a little more frequent and deliberate about pointing to the interesting posts I've read lately, so here goes.

  • Yvonne Parks writes about the differences between male and female bloggers. I couldn't find the permalink, but scroll to the May 10th post. By the way, providing an interesting counterpoint to her view is Jollyblogger's comments on the Feminization of the Church.

  • The always engaging Messy Christian has been writing about her search for a new church (she fled her old one because of some pretty twisted teaching). Interesting reading as usual.

  • Also leaving his church is Joey, he of The Land of Joey. I've just run into this blog, and I really like the kid's attitude. He's earnest, funny, and on fire for God. Gotta love it.

  • Adrian Warnock has had a series of posts regarding the charismatic vs. cessationist (and everything in between) debate. Adrian is nothing if not level-headed and courteous as he addresses such sometimes-controversial issues; no ranting and raving here. I'd especially like to direct your attention to a particular post in the series, mainly because it quotes Martyn-Lloyd Jones (one of my heroes) at length.

  • Finally, Matt Sturges over at correction has a wonderfully eloquent piece, lucid and full of keen observation, called The Boundary. This one is worth reading more than once. Oh, and I learned the word for a flock of starlings from this post. And it's just a really good word!

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