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"Nothing taken for granted; everything received with gratitude; everything passed on with grace." G. K. Chesterton

April 17, 2004

Saturday Pot Pouri

Well, after all that serious scribbling yesterday . . . but you can't call it scribbling when it's done on a keyboard . . . how 'bout "plunking" . . . after all that serious plunking yesterday, I thought it would be nice to ligthen up a little. So today, a small grab-bag of goodies:

Lately I've been listening to Enter the Worship Circle. This is very refreshing stuff, not at all slick. Son Nate calls the singing "vulnerable," and that really is the right word. Fine, meditative worship music.

Have you seen Augustine Interviews God? I like it a lot. Whimsical, touching, at times profound. All this in an online comic strip. Cool! That's the first five "interviews," but number six, fresh from the pen of creator Natalie d'arbeloff, is at her blog. Scrounge around in there, too. It's an interesting place. Oh, I really like The Lesson.

Speaking of art (oh my!), I spent some time today looking at Escher online. Do you like Eshcer? I certainly think you should. If you do, have a close look at this.

harmless thoughts is a new addition to my bloglist. I like his ten tip for bloggers (here) very much.

Jollyblogger is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. He's very "teacherly," and I like that. Plus, he quoted me! Imagine that!


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