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March 16, 2004

What, me prophesy?

What a Monday morning! After posting to the blog about the Men's Retreat, I sat down to read The Revelation (a class assignment), but all at once God showed me a picture of the members of my small group and commanded me to write. This is certainly not a typical experience in my case, by I picked up my pencil and started scribbling. I wrote a brief exhortation for six different people in the group.

The first one was fairly straight-forward. It was simply an assurance that God was going to use this person, especially her speaking-gifts. Then, after I'd written a few sentences, the phone rang. The caller happened to be the very person I'd been writing to, and she was calling to tell me that she'd just spoken to an old friend, and that this friend had told her that (you guessed it) God was going to use her speaking-gift! This came as a tremendous affirmation to me, as well as being a great encouragement to her, and so I immediately set about writing the others. These were similar prophetic exhortations, but using widely varying imagery. The theme of each was something like, God is getting ready to do a new thing in your life.

Now, I realize how totally unimpressive this must sound. But, the four people who have seen their own exhortations have been, well, more or less blown away. One in particular was brought to tears and told me it had a very specific application to his life. I don't want to quote these exhortations directly, but they seemed to have a powerful impact. I myself would have chosen to write one for each member of the group, but for some reason after these six I felt as if God wanted me to go no further. I actually tried to write one for another member, someone whom I'm particularly close to, but my mind went blank. I could write nothing.

So: that's my report. It seems as if God has chosen to use me phophetically. It's really exciting, especially since I have often prayed that God would use me in just this way. Thank you, Father!


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