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March 10, 2004

The Virginians

I had a really wonderful experience today.

Our Wednesday prayer group here at USM was visited by a band of roving Christians! They represent a group called Students for Christ. Four young men by the names of Joshua, Brian, Micah, and Donald. These guys have traveled from Virginia to Presque Isle, Maine (on the Canadian border) along Interstate 95, visiting and praying for university campuses along the way. Now, for those of you not familiar with the Eastern United States, that's close to a 1000-mile journey.

Here's the story. Two groups of four men, supported by their home church (Beulah Tabernacle in Newport News, Virginia), were sent on an I-95 prayer-tour. One group went south to Miami, the other north to the far-reaches of Maine, stopping at every college campus they could find, praying for revival. We met them after they'd made the turn-around at Presque Isle and were headed south again. Our prayer meetings usually consist of one professor, one student, the IVCF representative, and me. But these four visitors really lit a fire under this rather subdued academic bunch. They were enthused (Greek, en-theos, "from God"), they had a missional-mindset, and they were eager to intercede for us personally and for the campus as a whole.

I'm telling you, they just rocked our quiet little weekly prayer-time. Think of it. Four strangers just walked into the room and said, we've traveled from Virginia to pray for the colleges on the east coast, and we're here to pray for you. All I can say is, "God, you amaze me."


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