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"Nothing taken for granted; everything received with gratitude; everything passed on with grace." G. K. Chesterton

March 20, 2004

Two Things

First thing:

Do you remember that I told you how four college kids from Virginia came to the USM campus, where I work, to pray for revival? Well, that was a pretty neat thing, and it really blessed our prayer time to have this surprise visit.

But guess what? This week our weekly prayer meeting (generally attended by 3 to 6 people: professors, students, staff) was visited by fifteen students from the Univeristy of Southern Mississippi, who came to Maine on their spring break to pray for revival on college campuses up here.

Now, I mean, this is amazing. These kids could have been doing any number of other things on their break. Instead, they came, oh, 1200 miles or so, to pray for college kids here!

For those of you from "distant climes," like Susan, my Aussie reader, Virginia and Mississippi are very much in America's Bible Belt, while Maine most definitely is not. So it's just so encouraging to know that we are in the prayers of far away believers. Very cool!

Second thing:

I did something really uncharacteristic . . . I bought myself a musical instrument. A Bodhran, to be precise. Ever heard of it? It's a Gaelic drum. Here's what it looks like:

Now I've just got to learn how to play it!


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