Mr. Standfast

"Nothing taken for granted; everything received with gratitude; everything passed on with grace." G. K. Chesterton

February 12, 2004

This is myrtle:

Also called periwinkle, I gather. Amy Carmichael, in her daily devotional (called Whispers of His Power), says this about myrtle:

The myrtle plant is small. It's flowers appear insignificant and so do its leaves. But its flowers are really very beautiful, pure white, exquisite under a lens, and of a delicate scent. It's leaves hold a secret. Look through them and you see numbers of small crystal balls; they look like pinpricks in the leaf. Each of these is a little vase of aromatic perfume. Crush the leaf and you will find how sweet it is.

Within each person is what the Bible calls 'the hidden person of the heart' (1Peter 3:4). A glance does not show it, just as a glance does not show what is in the myrtle leaves. But the moment we are carefully regarded, above all when we are tried in any way (crushed as we crush the myrtle leaf), that moment what is there is known. There is no possible way of deception. Courage or cowardice, truth or falsehood, kindness or selfishness, strength or weakness, it is known; and we are known for what we really are.

Perhaps you can think of examples of this from your own life. The Bible puts great store by endurance. Thankfully, He who is in us is greater than he who is in the world. Are you needing to endure a trial? Are you being crushed right now? With Peter I say, Let nothing terrify you (1Peter 3:6). With Jesus I remind you, You are worth more than many sparrows (Matthew 10:31). Be faithful. Spread abroad the fragrance of Heaven, which is beautiful to God beyond measure, and to you who endure He will give the crown of life! (Rev. 2:10)


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