Mr. Standfast

"Nothing taken for granted; everything received with gratitude; everything passed on with grace." G. K. Chesterton

November 22, 2003

Lots happening lately. C., our dear friend and a member of our small group, had a heart attack a few days ago, and has had a pacemaker implanted. C. & R., the hosts of our small group, are being evicted from their apartment (long story, that).

Also, our church has announced that it has signed up for "40 Days of Purpose," starting February 21. This program has intrigued me for a while now, and has received much high praise from many quarters. I only know that my own thoughts have been trending in this direction--what is my purpose? Not only the grand scheme--you know, to love the Lord and worship Him forever--but in the day to day. This is the real issue, is it not? Every Christian knows--or should know--his or her eternal purpose, and in fact it is all-important to know that purpose, but there remain a thousand short-term choices. God, what would you have me do? How would you have me serve You and Your purposes in my life this day?

And of course we must sooner or later mention spiritual gifts. My purposes are going to be closely associated with those gifts. So it is something that I definitely want to ponder. It's going to be a running theme, I suspect, of this blog.


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