Mr. Standfast

"Nothing taken for granted; everything received with gratitude; everything passed on with grace." G. K. Chesterton

October 10, 2003

Hello and welcome to my blog. I want you to know, dear imaginary reader, that all this is quite new to me and that I am keenly aware of the silliness of this very project. After all, who am I, and why would anyone want to read my ruminations? I am (or, I have just now become) one of a million bloogers (or is it a hundred million?). I am, in this strange new (for me) world of blogging, a nobody. Without credentials. A mere fool at a keyboard, casting his little words into the nearly infinite muddy pool of the blogosphere, the cacophony of internet mumblers. And yet, this I have chosen to do. Is there not perhaps something disturbingly self-reverential about this process? You know: "Here I am! Here are my thoughts. Here are my opinions. My favorite websites. My pets. My children. Here I am!"

And yet . . . well, yes, here I am. And I think it's possible, just possible, that this could be fun and even in some unforeseeable way, enlightening. And here is what you, dear imaginary reader, can expect from this blog. There is but one way to avoid self-reverence, and that is to reverence another. In this matter I choose Jesus. This will be, then, a Christian blog. It's aim is to exalt the Lord and also to encourage people. Readers, if I have any at all, will find these two aims the consistent and overarching emphasis of this blog. I am not interested in debating matters of theology, Biblical interpretation, or denominational politics (or politics of any kind). I simply want to make this blog a point of contact for the praise of the Lord and the encouragement of people.

To this end, I will be sharing prayer needs, offering prayers to God on behalf of anyone who asks, mentioning websites of interest, and just sharing with others what God has been doing in my life lately. I will update the blog on a more or less weekly basis, but probably more often than that, I suspect.

A final note in this my introductory posting: Be assured that God is good. I cast these words into the muddy stream, the verbal flood that is humanity's vital trait, our blessing and curse. God is good. May they give life to another, somewhere downstream. Joy to you, Friend. God is good. May the Lord prosper you this day.


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